X-Ray Unit Calibration and Repair

As a one stop location for everything x-ray in your clinic, Washington X-Ray’s trained professional service personnel can assist you with x-ray unit calibration and repair your clinic may need. Whether chiropractic or veterinary, podiatry or medical office, we can assist you in getting your x-ray unit calibrated and running at it’s highest capabilities.

Digital X-Ray Consulting and Installation

Not sure if Digital X-Ray is right for your office? We can help you decide. While digital saves time and money per study, it isn’t right for every clinic. The switch to digital x-ray is a fantastic upgrade to most clinics, but if you’re still curious if it is correct for you call us to discuss pricing and options that are available. As a full service x-ray company we’re here to serve you either way, digital or chemical, and won’t throw high pressure sales on you like other companies that gave up on service and standard film years ago.

X-Ray Unit and Processor Relocation

Moving clinics? Starting your own practice? We can help with the heavy stuff. If you’re looking to relocate your x-ray equipment or processor to a new location we are able to help you determine the best course of action to take before your move, help you work with contractors in preparing a darkroom or x-ray room, and move and install equipment in your new office.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance includes everything you need to keep your processor running well, a standard cleaning takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on type of processor and darkroom conditions. Most of our clients are on a four week schedule but we offer anything between two weeks and “will call” cleaning schedules (additional fees may apply for non scheduled service).

Chemistry Checkups

For our clients on preventative maintenance schedules we offer complimentary X-Ray chemistry checkups. These generally occur halfway between preventative maintenance visits in order to guarantee you do not run out of chemistry leaving your patients without the care they deserve. If you ever find yourself running low feel free to call and we will be out at the next possible time.

Processor Repair

Our highly trained staff is here to serve all of your processor needs, even if that means the occasional repair. Just as with cars, under ideal conditions and excellent maintenance, problems can occur. If they do we are here for you to get your processor up and running as fast as possible. We also offer 24/7/365 emergency service to make sure your equipment stays running when you need it to.

Used X-Ray Film Pickup

We offer used X-Ray film pickup services. To have a barrel dropped off at your facility, please call our office during regular business hours. Once you are finished purging your used X-Ray film we will return to pick up the barrel and take it off your hands. Note: please keep barrels half to three quarters full so that our service personnel can load them without injury.