Processors and Parts

X-Ray Film Processors and Parts

We offer both new and used X-Ray Film Processors, and have prices and packages that can meet almost any budget. Whether you are starting a new clinic, run an established clinic that is looking to upgrade to new equipment, or you would like to start taking X-Rays for the first time, Washington X-Ray would be more than happy to help you select the right equipment for the job.

Used processors are limited to stock on hand, however we try to keep multiple processors to choose from at all times. If you are looking to purchase a used machine, you may contact our sales department to get information about what we currently have in stock. All used processors receive a thorough inspection and servicing before they are put back out into the field in order to guarantee our customers the highest level of satisfaction.

Our most popular brands for new X-Ray Processors are the Konica SRX-101A and the ImageWorks Mini-Med 90. Both these processors are reliable, compact, and easy to use, making them perfect solutions for your darkroom. We also offer Hope Micro-Max processor systems.

Service and Repair

Sometimes, even under the best care and maintenance, machines break down. If this happens to you the last thing we want is for your business or clinic to be dead in the water. We offer a full range of parts for many models of X-Ray Processors. From circuit boards to drive motors, replenishment pumps or valves, our trained service professionals can help diagnose your problems and get you running again.

X-Ray Chemistry

We offer both medical and industrial X-Ray Processor developer and fixer. If you are unsure which chemistry your system needs (most likely medical) you may contact us and we would be glad to assist you in determining your chemistry needs. While you’re at it, you may also set up a chemical delivery schedule as part of a regular preventative maintenance program to make sure you never run out.