Film and Accessories

X-Ray Film and Cassettes

Washington X-Ray offers high quality film and cassettes in nearly every shape and size, speed and color. From 8×10 to 14×36, 10×12 to 14×17, we have you covered on all your medical and industrial film and cassette needs. For complete information including current pricing, please call our offices.

X-Ray Accessories

We offer a wide variety of darkroom equipment and accessories to make sure our customers have everything they need. Whether you need safelights for your darkroom or light free film storage boxes, we have it, in stock.

A brief list of our products includes:

  • X-ray Film Processors and Service (both new and used units available)
  • Film and Cassettes (varying speeds and sizes)
  • Filing Envelopes
  • Mailing Envelopes
  • Paper Exam Gowns
  • I.D. Flash Cards (standard or custom)
  • Table Paper (sheets and rolls, varying sizes)
  • Lead Markers
  • Darkroom Safelights
  • I.D. Printers
  • Collimator Lamps
  • X-Ray Marking Pencils
  • X-Ray Labels
  • Cassette Screen Cleaner
  • Silver Recovery Equipment and Service
  • Lead Aprons and Protective Shielding
  • Positioning Aids
  • View Boxes
  • Used Film Pickup (with credit added to your account)

Many accessories are also available both new and used to save you money while still receiving top quality product. From Maxant View Boxes to Shielding International Protective Equipment, Film Pencils to Calibration Charts, we are sure to have you covered. For more information, and any questions about our complete line of products and accessories, please call.