Digital Systems

Digital Imaging Packages

We offer a wide variety of digital imaging packages perfect for any clinics need. Whether you’re looking at installing in your chiropractic clinic, small office medical clinic, veterinary hospital, orthopedic facility, podiatry clinic, or industrial options give us a call and we will spend time to find the right panel and setup for your needs.

Our trained professionals in digital imaging have decades of information technology installation and support under their belt, as well as having two bachelors degrees in IT related fields (Management Information Systems / Digital Technology and Culture) among our install team. Washington X-Ray technicians have managed large scale rack solutions for billion dollar corporations, the kind of experience you want when making a decision as large as going digital with your clinic.

After upgrading from film problems are rare. When they do occur though you want a team that knows and understands computers and their related systems to be by your side. Our digital package solutions are tailored to the clinics we serve, making sure you have a complete package ready to work for your entire clinic’s needs when we install.

Standard 20/20 Imaging C-DR retrofit on an existing wall stand.

So why choose Washington X-Ray for digital?

Founded in 1984 in Renton, Washington, Washington X-Ray, Inc. has made a name for itself delivering high quality service and goods to chiropractic doctors, medical clinics, veterinary offices, and industrial manufacturers all over western Washington. We have since moved to Pacific, Washington in order to better serve the greater Puget Sound area.

Over 30 years later and stronger than ever before, we continue to keep this dream a reality. To many customers we are more than an X-Ray Processor service company; we are friend and family to clinics throughout the Pacific Northwest. If you ever have questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us at any time during our regular business hours, or leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We can offer services to your clinic during the transition period that many national and internet distributors either cannot do or choose not to assist with. With our local roots and our decades of experience with chemistry based processing and our continued service in that field, we can offer you rebates on many used x-ray processors that will help offset the costs of your upgrade to digital imaging. On top of that we can also offer free uninstall of your existing equipment with qualifying digital package purchase.

When it comes to service, we’re local. This means that in the rare chance something happens, we will be there for you when you need us to get your equipment back to operational status.

We offer buyback incentives on processor packages. If you are opening a new clinic, moving, or are in need of an upgraded processor but you aren’t quite ready to go digital yet, we can help you too. If you purchase a chemistry based processor and have it installed and serviced by us, we will work with you for your digital package purchase in the future. In some cases we can even offer even money back on the processor you purchase. There are some time limits and processor restrictions that do apply, but ask about our digital upgrade programs if you are looking into an x-ray processor with plans of going digital in the future.

Standard 20/20 Imaging C-DR retrofit on an existing wall stand.

Why Digital?

With our new Digital X-Ray Systems, you can set aside the hassle of film, chemistry, and monthly maintenance without losing quality and results for your trusting patients. You can free yourself up from the dark room of old and enjoy a new world of crystal clear images that are easily viewed, edited, and transferred without the physical space of standard x-ray films. Digital saves you time, effort, and it can save you money down the road as your clinic grows into the next generation of X-Rays.

Digital X-Ray Pre-Install Checklist

The following steps should be taken before the date of install for your new Digital X-Ray package from Washington X-Ray. Taking these steps before installation will allow for a seamless install of your package and make sure everything is up and running on the day we arrive.

Things to discuss with your IT installer / professional
Your X-Ray room needs a CAT5e (standard Ethernet) port wired to the the room, preferably near the control panel. This port should be both on your office network and connected to the internet. Internet access is required for remote  support if offered by your digital package choice. You will also need a wired Ethernet connection in the location you will be putting the server for two computer packages. The only way these two computers will relay images to each other is via wired connection, WiFi will not work.

All computers that you would like to access film studies in your office need to be running a modern Windows based operating system (XP/Vista/7) and need access to the network. Your computers not included in the package can pull images over WiFi or standard wired network. If you would like to use logins from home or off site, speak to your IT professional about opening ports in your router (this is not always possible, but in many business settings it is). They can call or email Mat directly ( if they have questions about what specific ports need to be open.

You will need to provide your own antivirus software for the two computers installed by us. You can discuss this with your IT professional (to see what brand you use), and on the date of install we will provide you with an informational sheet describing what (if any) special exceptions need to be made for the software to operate properly on the network. In most cases nothing special needs to be done beyond the install of antivirus software. This is important, even with good backups, viruses and malware can lead to downtime and service calls that can easily be avoided with the correct software.

Things to discuss with your electrician
If your X-Ray room does not have a standard wall outlet one needs to be installed to run the acquire computer and DR panel.

Things to discuss with us
If you have any special modifications that need to be made to your wall stand please discuss them with us before hand. We will retrofit, in most cases, your existing stand with our equipment. Things to discuss with us beforehand include head clamps, tilting buckys, full spine style cassette cabinets, or anything else beyond a standard 14×17 wall stand and bucky.

If you have any other questions or your IT professional needs to speak with us, email me at – I will be happy to help.

Thanks, and congratulations on your new Digital X-Ray package!